Logitech G 402 Provides Convenience When Playing Games

Logitech G 402 is one of the gaming mouse products that has many advantages that are certainly comfortable to use. In gaming activities, especially using a PC or computer, then you need to have a mouse.

Playing games will feel more fun if you use an efficient and easy-to-control mouse. There are many types of mice that you can buy for gaming activities, at affordable prices.

However, this price does not determine that it can provide comfort when used to play games. Therefore, we recommend that you use our recommendations.

Logitech G 402

Logitech G 402, Playing Games More Comfortable and Impressive

You often play games on a PC, then some equipment needs to be owned such as a keyboard and mouse. The consequences of playing games are quite important, especially for those of you who work in programming. With complete attributes, you can customize it to meet your needs.

One of the gaming equipment you need to have is a mouse. This tool is used to make it easier for you to adjust the cursor. The price of this tool varies, some are cheap and some are very expensive.

If you want to get a more enjoyable gaming experience then you can use a good quality one. One of them is the Logitech G 402 gaming mouse which costs a little more.

Although the price of this mouse is more expensive, don’t worry because the specifications and benefits will be felt. Especially if you use this mosh to play games on a PC or computer.

Logitech G402 Specifications

This mouse has the following specifications:

  •         Has a hybrid sensor dungeon engine
  •         Has 8 buttons that are easy to program
  •         32-bit arm processor
  •         On-the-fly dpi switching
  •         Respond quickly
  •         Can click at high speed
  •         USB has full speed
  •         Can do tracking
  •         Resolution 240-4000 dpi
  •         With acceleration >16G1 has been tested on a Logitech G240 gaming mouse pad
  •         Speed >500 IPS.


This product has quite a lot of advantages and can make it easier for every user.

  •         Quick response in just a matter of one second can shift according to needs
  •         Can click up to many times in large numbers
  •         Echo-playing activities can be done without experiencing lag
  •         Very easy to operate
  •         Has more specs.

With these advantages, you can get a more enjoyable sensation of playing games. You don’t need to be afraid that the mouse won’t respond if you use this game accessory. Your gaming activities can run smoothly, you can buy them at various stores both online and offline.

Logitech G 402 can be your best choice to get a fun gaming sensation. Although the price is more expensive than gaming mice in general, the benefits you get are more, guaranteed you will not lose money using it.