Top-rated Game Controllers Recommendation for You

There are many top-rated game controllers that you can choose. However, there are definitely some of the best. For that, you have to choose the right one.

Top-rated Game Controllers Recommendation for You

Top-rated Game Controllers That You Can Choose

Playing games is a fun activity or hobby. Even for some people playing games becomes a profession. Whether it’s just a hobby or a profession, playing games also requires skills and supporting tools.

One of the supporting tools for playing games is the game controller. So, here are the Top-rated game controllers that you can choose.

Astro c40 TR

Astro c40 TR is the first game controller that you can choose. This game control is predicted to be the best game control for PlayStation 4. The D-pad of this game control has good quality compared to its competitors.

However, this control game has a fairly high price. The price starts from 4 million rupiah to 15 million rupiah. Even though it is quite expensive, it is worth it for the quality.

Logitech F710

Logitech is a brand that is well-known for its game accessories. One of the products from Logitech that you can choose from is the Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad. One game controller has quite sophisticated features.

Its superior features are without the use of cables, it has vibrator control, mode selection, and several other excellent features. For charging you still need two AA batteries.

IPEGA Universal Bluetooth Game Controller for Smartphones – PG-9078

You can use this joystick on Android, iOS, or PC. You don’t need to use a cable, you only need to connect it via Bluetooth. Apart from that, this game controller also has a holder to place your cell phone.

Fantech SHOOER II GP13

This game controller still uses a cable. However, the cable is quite long, which is 1.8 meters so you can use it freely. In addition, this one game controller also has a fairly affordable price.

For those of you who want affordable game control, choosing the Fantech SHOOTER II GP13 is the right choice. The selling price is around 150 to 450 thousand rupiah.

GameSir G4 Pro Joystick Gamepad

The last recommendation is the GameSir G4 Pro Joystick Gamepad. You can use this joystick for smartphones, PCs, Nintendo Switches, and even Cloud Games. The design is ergonomic so it is very comfortable to use.

This game control has a plastic coating material that makes it more durable and does not fade quickly. In addition, the Shoulder buttons are made of durable aluminum. However, this material is rather hard when used so it is slightly less responsive.

So, those are the top-rated game controllers that you can choose from. Each game controller has advantages and disadvantages. You can adjust it according to your needs and also the funds you have.